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Opened on June 20.2013.

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Anonymous whispered : im planning on ordering from you after I get my next paycheck! your located in san fran and im in sacramento area do you think the shipping will be to much for just a few items love your shop btw ^-^

aww thank you! haha, and shipping depends of what the items are. If it’s posters, then it’ll be shipped in a tube which is $4-$5. If you’re going to order items like necklaces, rings, jewelry, stationery, those are $2 for shipping c:

Anonymous whispered : Do we pay you in USA or canadian money?

USD is preferred, but if you’re in Canada and do not have American money, then you can send in CAD with the conversion of the currency. ($1.07 CAD = $1 USD) ^^

Anonymous whispered : Hi. Do you have the polaroid sets with string and clips of vixx, got7, or BTS ?

No, sorry! My supplier does not have any BTS, Got7 or Vixx merchandise :(

not-hawaiian-pizza whispered : you're back! :)

yes I am :D